Compressed Gas Composite Cylinder Testing

Composite cylinders used for breathing purposes must be tested in accordance with the relevant standards. This is to ensure the safety of all end users. Cylinders must be tested every five years from the date of manufacture, by a company with Authorised National Schedule of Accreditation.

This timeframe may be shortened if you suspect your cylinders have been damaged mechanically or attacked by chemicals. There are over 500,000 aluminium lined composite cylinders in service worldwide… Hence the need for adherence to a rigid regime of inspection.

The Myth

Carbon composite cylinders can be extended beyond their fifteen year lifespan…

The Reality

  • Carbon composite cylinders manufactured to HSE-AL-FW2 and EN 12245 Standards have a finite lifespan of 15 years which CANNOT under any circumstances be extended.
  • Cylinders that have reached their 15 year lifespan, must be removed from service

 If in doubt, call us out. Our Satisfaction is Your Safety.



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  1. hi iam a breathing appartus instructor and maintainence in my station in Ireland.I have alot of 200 bar cyclinders and backplates to destroy, due to the fact we have moved to the pss 7000 (300 bar).How do i safely dispose of the backplates and cylinders? it was suggested by managment that i destroy them to save money i want to know exactly how they are meant to be destroyed…
    Many thanks…

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