Confined Space Equipment Solutions for Hire and Sale

Every day there is a requirement for operators to enter and work in what is termed CONFINED SPACE (see The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Confined Space) Regulations 2001). This may be a vessel, tank, chamber, or any other similar space which, by virtue of its enclosed nature, creates conditions that may give rise to a likelihood of an accident requiring emergency action and be of a harmful atmosphere requiring a self- contained air supply.

Here at Industrial Pressure Testing Limited we provide solutions to the needs of Industry where working in CONFINED SPACE is required. We offer for HIRE both short and long duration air supply through our custom built Air Trailer and Air Trolleys.

We also hire a range of Emergency Escape Sets, e.g. ELSA 10B and ELSA Sprint.

Click here to download the to Sabre Elsa Brochure ( 197 KB )

Click here to download the to Sabre Elsa Sprint Brochure ( 68 KB )