As providers of breathing apparatus under the brand name SABRE we offer a wide and comprehensive product range to suit your requirements in the areas of respiratory protection designed to provide exceptional levels of performance in the most extreme of environments. These products range from the award winning CONTOURself contained breathing apparatus, through to emergency life support systems for escape from hazardous situations such as ELSA to confined space entry airlines using the MODUALAIR airline trolley. Please contact us for more information regarding these products together with our renowned servicing facilities.

We offer a comprehensive range of cabinets for all types of breathing apparatus.

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Sabre Breathing Apparatus

Airline breathing apparatus is the perfect solution for applications across many industries. However, the selection of the equipment has traditionally been seen as a complicated process – due to the high number of options available. Aiding this selection process, Scott Health & Safety has over 65 years experience in the manufacture of breathing apparatus, providing unrivalled technical support and advice. With the widest choice of airline breathing solutions, the Company’s Sabre range is internationally renowned for reliability, ease of use, durability and comfort.


Airline Breathing Apparatus

Ideal for environments where ambient oxygen cannot be guaranteed, airline breathing apparatus combines the highest degree of respiratory protection with long duration use. Fed by a medium pressure air hose, it is used for industrial applications as diverse as entering sewers, cleaning out tanks and spray painting military aircraft. The advantages are clear: there is no weight, no bulk and – in theory – an infinite amount of air. Completely modular, Sabre airline components afford almost unlimited flexibility, allowing the user to individually specify a system that exactly meets their operational needs. Multiple configurations can be selected from a standalone portable product – for use where no other supply of compressed air is available – to products that integrate into existing compressor-fed airline infrastructure.

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Sabre Contour 300 & 500

Selected by the UK Design Council as a Millennium Product, The Contour incorporates innovation and creativity in design and application, maintaining Sabre’s reputation for being at the forefront of breathing apparatus design and manufacture for over 30 years. Providing operational flexibility and upgrade-ability, the Contour features exceptional levels of comfort, reliability and maintainability. With both the single cylinder Contour 300 and the twin cylinder capable Contour 500 versions, Sabre has a breathing apparatus to meet the professionals’ most exacting requirements, which reflects Sabre’s stated philosophy to produce equipment customers wear by choice, not just necessity.

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Sabre Elsa

Renowned as the world’s leading Constant flow escape set, the ELSA (Emergency Life Support Apparatus) from Scott Health & Safety is designed for rapid escape from hazardous industrial and marine environments. Now in its third generation, Emergency Life Support Breathing Apparatus is a concept originally pioneered by Scott Health & Safety under its Sabre Breathing Apparatus brand and the original design principles continue to this day. The current design is simple and quick to operate, reliable and robust in use and performs to the latest European Standard EN1146.

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Sabre Elsa Sprint

Based on the tried and trusted Sabre ELSA emergency life support apparatus, the ELSA SPRINT positive pressure escape breathing apparatus offers simplicity and robustness combined with performance to European Standard EN402.Available in 400 and 600 litres breathing air capacity, the ELSA SPRINT reflects Sabre’s stated philosophy of producing products which customers wear by choice, not just necessity

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