Any person using breathing air via a range of respiratory apparatus should satisfy themselves that the quality of the compressed air meets current breathing air standards as laid down in EN 12021:1998.

The European standard specifies requirements for the quality of compressed air supplied for use with the following types of equipment:

  • Respiratory protective devices – self contained open circuit compressed breathing apparatus (SCBA) and open circuit compressed underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA).
  • Respiratory protective devices – compressed air line breathing apparatus and compressed airline breathing apparatus for use under water.
  • Respiratory protective devices for escape – self contained open circuit compressed air breathing apparatus including full face mask or mouthpiece assembly or hoods.

Here at Industrial Pressure Testing Limited we carry out analysis of breathing air using the latest portable technology measured against the current standard and presented in a report format.

F3000 Safe Air Tester for Breathing Air Systems

The F3000 Safe Air tester enables monthly breathing-air tests to be conducted easily and quickly. Developed from the market leading F2000 the F3000 sets new standards in air quality instrumentation. With a user-friendly menu driven display, air quality testing is both easy and quick to complete.

The detection parameters are met or exceeded during the automatically controlled test by the use of Factair-approved detector tubes to establish levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil and water. An inbuilt electronic sensor with digital readout measures oxygen content, whilst an inbuilt flowmeter allows airflow up to 600 l/min to be verified. Additionally the F3000 has a programmable test facility for both mineral and synthetic oils.

The F3000 features a number of improvements over the previous generation of air quality testers. Extremely low power consumption eliminates the necessity for the lengthy recharging of the instrument. Instead the F3000 features standard batteries which provide a prolonged life. In addition the unit is significantly smaller and lighter making it easier to transport on site. The unit is designed to test low-pressure airline breathing systems but can be used with a high-pressure regulator assembly to test HP cylinders.

The F3000 is supplied with a “laptop” style carrying case which protects it during transport and has individual pockets for storing chemical reagent tubes, inlet adaptors, high pressure regulators and documentation. Factair’s quality accredited instrument workshop provides recalibration and servicing for the unit. In fact a testimony to the robustness and quality of Factair’s Safe-Air Testers is that units over 10 years old are still in daily use.